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The Real Fast Results is a business podcast for people who want to see real results in their business fast. The show provides actionable, implementable steps in each episode. The focus is definitely on marketing strategies and list building with an emphasis on little-known but effective tactics. We also will cover passive and recurring income opportunities as well as productivity and time efficiency strategies for the busy and often distracted entrepreneur or content creator. Any time you invest listening to the Real Fast Results podcast will be both enjoyable and practical. If you're an online business person or entrepreneur who realizes that it's about working smart then you're going to LOVE this show!
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Mar 30, 2017

Amy HarropWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s special guest is Amy Harrop.  She has been an avid writer and reader all her life, and she’s happiest running her own business.  She lives in northern Idaho with her husband and two cats.  Her background is in film production, writing, teaching, training, and sales.  It was about six years ago that she got into publishing and writing.  That’s when she first became self-employed, and she really hasn’t looked back since.

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Promise: How to Take Advantage on Popular Trends

Thank you so much for having me, and I want to say a big “Hello” to everyone out there.  The reason why we are here today is that I’m really excited to share how you can take advantage of some very popular trends and also emerging technology.  This emerging technology is going to allow you to make money and grow your business in ways that you were never able to do before.  By getting into the forefront of this trend, where people are spending millions, billions, and even almost trillions of dollars within these industries, you are going to be able to grow your business. [bctt tweet="What I’m talking about is card deck publishing." username="danielhall"] What’s really exciting about card deck publishing is that it is at the crossroads of two trends.  First of all, there’s eCommerce.  I’ve been doing some research recently on eCommerce, and eCommerce is an “over-a-trillion dollar business” now.  It’s going to continue to grow even more as we get into 2018-2010.  That has crossroads with self-publishing, and self-publishing is a multi-million dollar business, and it’s getting close to becoming a billion dollar business.  Card deck publishing is really a hybrid, or a marriage, between the two of these.

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  • How eCommerce and print on demand are working together
  • How making card decks can help grow your business
  • Types of card decks
  • This is great because it can fit into a wide variety of niches
  • How to Create Card Decks Using Print On Demand (POD)
  • Where to get card decks made
  • Outsourcing this process
  • How many cards should be in a deck
  • Potential for success
  • How to market your card decks

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Connecting with Amy

If you want to take advantage of this, and go ahead and get started, you can go to I have a complete card deck publishing course there, Card Deck Publishing Profits.  It’s going to walk you through all of the different availabilities of these cards and these niches.  How you create the cards, how you can re-purpose or use even other people’s content to create cards, and how to promote the cards and get them up and running in these different marketplaces.  So, it’s a complete in-depth training, and you can get it at

Resources Where to Have Cards Made: Canva Places to Market Cards: Amazon  eBay  Shopify  Etsy

Real Fast Results Community

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