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The Real Fast Results is a business podcast for people who want to see real results in their business fast. The show provides actionable, implementable steps in each episode. The focus is definitely on marketing strategies and list building with an emphasis on little-known but effective tactics. We also will cover passive and recurring income opportunities as well as productivity and time efficiency strategies for the busy and often distracted entrepreneur or content creator. Any time you invest listening to the Real Fast Results podcast will be both enjoyable and practical. If you're an online business person or entrepreneur who realizes that it's about working smart then you're going to LOVE this show!
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Real Fast Results for Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurs


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May 30, 2016

A big welcome to Tucker Max. Thank you, Tucker for taking time out of your day to chat with us. Tucker has had a lot of success as an author. He's basically jumped into a relatively new venture, new start-up called Book in a Box. I've been really intrigued with how Tucker has marketed that business.  Today we're going to discuss the process Tucker has gone through to promote the Book in a Box Service with, basically, a book. This is a great example of how to use a book to sell big ticket offers.


May 23, 2016

Welcome to our next installment of Real Fast Results. I am so pleased that you are with us. And boy, do we have a great episode for you today. I have another one of my good friends, that is Rita Emmett, in the house. We're going to be chatting about something that I know will be beneficial to most, if not all of you. Probably you, the person listening right now. What we're going to cover today is going to be very helpful to you. Today we are discussing how to go about turbo charging your content production efforts. In other words, if you are writing, writing books, creating videos, creating podcasts--whatever it is that you're doing to create content, we're going to show you some ways to actually speed that process along and get more done in less time. You're going to do this by essentially crushing the tendencies that we all have, myself included, to procrastinate. Putting off those things that we need to really do and focus on, but for one reason or another, we don't. Rita is an absolute master at crushing these sorts of tendencies, especially from the writer's standpoint.


May 16, 2016

Dan talks with Dan Hollings about tools you can se that have zero cost. See


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May 8, 2016

It is a “joy” to have Kristen Joy on the Real Fast Results Podcast! Kristen decided she was “unemployable” at the tender age of six when she started her first business making and selling pet rocks. She’s never been able to “hold down a real job…” ever. A serial entrepreneur, in 2003 she turned her life-long love of reading and writing into a full-time career she LOVES, teaching authors and entrepreneurs how to create books that bring them business and turning authors into successful authorpreneurs.'